Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting organised

Taryn has produced PDFs and Word documents of her project worksheets and master list. I'm going to visit her blog now and download them. Click on the picture to go there. At least by finishing my stitchery I have one fewer UFO and project sheet to complete.

It has got me thinking though that I should prepare bindings for quilts that are at the quilting stage when I have a spare 30 minutes or sew the strips together when sewing another project.


Gertie Pye said...

I have downloaded these too - very handy! I currently keep all my projects in a notebook but it is a bit scrappy. I know what you mean about prepping the bindings etc - I have a quilt ready to be bound since before Christmas but because my strips weren't joined I have only just got around to doing it now. Silly really!

heart of charnwood said...

I saw and downloaded these yesterday after you pointed us in the direction of this blog last week, and they're really good, thx for the tip! Now i just need to get the time to download them and do the work, or will that turn into my latest wip!!! :)

Edith said...

Sue, I'm visiting from Lily's Small Blog Meet and just had a look at your blog, enjoying your pictures (great photography) and ideas.