Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hopeless case

One of my first jobs in the morning whilst everyone else is sleeping is to browse I don't know if you've already found this website but it has the most recent posts from 100s of quilty blogs. I've discovered so many projects I have to do from this website along with Sharon Schamber's binding technqiue using glue. First I need to find the glue to try it out though.

So on Monday this little gem popped up.

Typical that I discover it just after it's gone up in price!!  I really enjoyed stitching the pixel people from Wee Stitches over Christmas, so I was powerless to resist. I've bought the pattern and ordered all of the threads from ebay for 40p a skein plus £1 for postage. I just need to get the linen which I'm going to try for the first time and the silver thread. The pattern is packed away with the needles, thread and other accessories for me to stitch the frames, January and February on our trip to Denman College. Do you think I can resist that long?

I also came across this blog on Monday and I love her project cards, so pretty and clean. Do you think they'd help me resist more projects and actually finish some of the many I've started?


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Adore that sampler and those project sheets are amazing!! I need both now! :)

heart of charnwood said...

Oh wow, 2 brilliant websites, Pixels is AMAZING, don't tell me about anymore, i will never get any sewing done!! Love the cute little sampler, perfect for travelling. : )