Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday tool time

As I have been working on finishing my Ruby Hopscotch, I have been appreciating some of the tools that I have so I thought I'd share a trio of tools today:
Easy thread needles - less than £1 a packet
Clover thimble - the rubber thimble with its metal top is comfortable to wear and doesn't make grooves into my nail polish like a regular thimble
Curved tip scissors

I was introduced to easy thread needles many years by machine quilting tutor - June C Barnes who was visiting Jersey to teach a workshop for Caesarea Quilters. You can use it when sewing thread in on your quilt, even those short tricky threads. No eye to thread, it really does help make short work of  a job that most of us hate. You could just cut off the threads after a number of minute stitches but I don't like that method and have seen too many quilts made by "professionals" with bobbles of thread on the reverse of the quilt.

The curve tipped scissors which came with my long arm with their zinger and let you get close to your work to trim threads with less change of cutting your work.

What tools do you love the most for finishing your quilt?

1 comment:

PippaP said...

I love those easy threading needles too, although my aurifil seems to fray and break with them, perhaps I need a bigger needle :)