Friday, June 01, 2018

June 2018 UFO challenge with APQS

I saw this morning that number 11 had been chosen for June's project by APQS. You can join in on Facebook. I quickly retrieved my Quilyer's Planner to look up my list. And hooray, I am already working on it as part of the #100days challenge.

Here's how it looked on 7 May. Lots of cream to do and H and U have been worked on but to the right of U, nothing.

Here's how it looked earlier today with the folk art hand complete. Mentally I have divided the panel into five areas - two hands and H, U and G.

To complete this by the end of June, allowing for five days at the Simply Solids retreat, I need to get the H and U finished by 8 June. Today I am going to focus on the cream, turquoise and brown around the first two letters, but first I need to wind on the canvas in the frame to the first bullseye in the H. 

At least I have a plan, let's see how I progress before I start getting bored with it.

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