Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 2018 UFO - working on the G

Having finished the letter U ten days ago, I can see the end is in sight. I can fit the remaining stitching area into the working area of my frame and have stitched several of the borders up to the end. I was one stitch short, and I have used all of the tiny scraps of turquoise to make the bottom border he correct length. The kit was full of yarn at the start, but it is now running low. I have no turquoise left and the deep yellow is running out too. 

I was away on retreat from last Thursday, so I worked hard on this before I went. Having worked in this over the last week, I can see the end is in sight. Will it be finished by the end of June?

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Warm Quilts said...

Your UFO is looking great! What a beautiful array of colors and a beautiful design.