Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's all about the knit

Hooray, my Bertie Bott socks are complete and on Ravelry.

I use my own vanilla sock recipe with the Fish Lips Kiss heel and Hiya Hiya Sharps circular needles. I will now focus on my shawl and then a UFO for the rest of the month, but I have picked out yarn for my February socks so I can wind the skein into two balls at knitting group on Friday.

I am at the halfway stage of my the girl from the grocery store shawl. Most of the Artesano yarns denim colour has been finished but there are two small stripes to add into the latter part of the shawl. I found the repeated garter stitch with an increase in one end of each row and a decrease at the start of the odd numbered rows has been a bit boring. There is more patterning in the next part of the shawlwhich I hope makes it a more interesting knit.

I had hoped to finish my mini mania scoff. I was costing off when I realise that there was a mistake in the last row. So I will try and correct that this week. I'm looking forward to finishing the scarf.

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