Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday stash - birthday edition

It is Lizzie's 17th birthday today. I did spoil her with one big present wrapped in minions paper. There is one smaller present to come - thank you Claire for being the intermediary.

And for those who'd like to know what colour I bought for Lizzie - it's crystal blue.

And just to prove I'm  a sucker for pretty packaging - don't you love the tin and the pouch. Here are some skin care stash purchases.

Firstly is the Liz Earle anniversary versions of cleanse & polish. You will see that the cap is missing from one and it is already in the bath room to be alternated with my regular cleanse and polish and another product. I am working through the miscellaneous beauty products this year and I just have one cleanser to finish and one large  moisturiser and some small Olay samples. However I have loads of body lotion to also use up. I'm tackling it one bottle at a time.
And then in the potty pouch is a trio of Murad products to try. I had already put them in my carry on luggage to take on forthcoming trips, I'll be interested to see how the products feel.

And this was my most exciting purchase of the week from Fondant Fibre. I am impatiently waiting for my cable needles to arrive. I bought completely the wrong size so they have been returned for exchange. I have also bought a pattern to go along with a YouTube video to knit toe up. It is printed out and ready to put in my planner for safe keeping.
The colourway is Dook Dook Dook. I should Google the name to see if it has a story. And I'm back. Hmm I wish now I hadn't Google the name. however it is a beautiful colour.

As well as the yarn, I was sent a cute stitch marker along with a coupon code for when I next order. I am following the shop on Instagram as they occasionally have limited edition kits and yarn.

I also received a mini skein called London Calling. How apt. It's thicker wool so I must check what weight it is.

I have been thinking about buying the yarn for the border of my cosy blanket which is moving along and I have about ten stripes until I have finished the body of the throw. I was resisting buying it online as I know I will buy extra to get free postage. Jan told me on Wednesday that a local shop had new stock so I bought it on the way home from our quilt group along with some DPNs from a local charity shop and a size gauge.

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