Friday, June 19, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage - Farm Fresh Flower and Farmhouse

We are already on week 8 of the sew along and my array of blocks is already looking quite large. More 6" blocks are called for.
 For the farm fresh flower, I made a 6" block using some Sweetwater fabrics along with Dashwood Flurry
Some more Dashwood Flurry and two fabrics from one of my I Want Her Stash bundles. This is the first building I've made from the book and they all need to be 12" IMHO. I'm using similar colours to the book so as to make fabric selection quicker.

And here are my blocks so far. I think the colours are working and no one colour is dominating, but I think I need to choose something other than pearl bracelets for my blocks that need some Orange.

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