Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ex Libris by Alison Glass

My target for this month was to make the Clover & Violet Flora supply case. The pattern was released on Monday (with 50% off) so I quickly bought and downloaded the pattern. I then printed it as a booklet and it can be stapled, hole punched and added to my A5 planner.

On Monday, I also ordered the supplies I needed for the pattern which includes a zip, fold over elastic, medium weight interfacing and a few other bits. I am still waiting for them, so I have been crocheting my cosy blanket and watching Youtube videos on knitting. They are addictive and Little Bobbins podcast gave me a few ideas to make whilst waiting for supplies. the first was an open wide zippered pouch. google is my friend and I soon found Noodlehead's free tutorial. I then cut and paste it into Word and also printed it as a booklet.

I chose Ex libris again to co-ordinate with my as yet unfinished Flora supply case. I couldn't find any suitable zippers in my stash so I bought one when making a stop at Rondels Farm shop yesterday. They had only one zip in stock which was a blue 14" zip which fortunately was okay for my purpose. However next time I'll buy a longer zip and add some iron interfacing to give the bag more body.

Then inspired by Little Bobbins, I made a cover for DPNs also using ex Libris. I'm sure you can see a theme here. Yarnie Nana also featured this on her podcast and gave a demonstration of how they worked which helped me in the design of my cover. You store your needles in the cover and the sock dangles down through the poppers. I will need to buy some more poppers as I only have grey and white, but white worked for this.

With the remainder of the panel left over from the needle cover, I made a small needle case. No snap closure or ribbon which I find I never use.
No delivery of supplies has arrived this morning, so I'll have to be patient and wait until tomorrow. I have however received 100 glow stick bracelets which I will deliver to the WI office this afternoon.


Jo Jo said...

Are you having a rave?? Love AG fabric and your makes - you can't go wrong with such beautiful fabric :)

Sinta Renee said...

I just love how organized you are! Your C&V project looks like fun!

QuiltCandy said...

Love those fabrics. I've made that zipper pouch too and made the same mistake of not interfacing it so it was a bit floppy!