Friday, June 05, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage - Corn & Tomatoes and Country crossroads

I may still be in London today, but I have made my farm girl vintage for this week which is week 6. I have a few more that I've made but I now need to tackle some of the farm buildings which have more pieces to cut.

Corn and tomatoes is made in red and yellow, no surprise there using my favrouite low volume of frankings - no idea what the official name is but I bought it from The Running Chicken at Knit & Stitch, a year ago.

Country crossroads uses the same red dot as corn and tomatoes (why put fabric away) as well as a busy floral print I received in a kit from Australia and some pearl bracelet in orange. My Massdrop purchase of the mini pearl bracelets should have arrived whilst I'm away.

And here are the two blocks together.
And the 11 blocks so far, with one 18" star, six 12" blocks and five 6" blocks. And I know that doesn't add up as I made two canning blocks.

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