Monday, April 20, 2015

Engaging brain

The postman gave me a lovely squishy parcel this morning, along with an annoying letter from great Ormond Street Hospital who have changed Lizzie's appointment from July, which was doable, to June which was in the midst of exams and it is now August. GRRR. Not doable as I'm in Preston and Lizzie will just be back from her Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

I looked at the parcel with bemusement as I hadn't bought anything recently, After opening the boring post, I opened the Jiffy bag and spotted "Sewninbelfast" written under the flap. the penny dropped, my mini quilt swap. Eek.

The mini quilt was wrapped around some extra goodies. I think Terri has been stalking me and spotted my recent interest in planners etc. Clever girl. I don't know how she knew about the Yankee candles love too. I must finish this month's book group read before diving into this book, which Terri tells me is very amusing. I particularly love the flower tag. Very cute. What to put it on?

And then there's the mini. A great pop of colour and a dotty binding. Gorgeous.

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Noela said...

Gorgeous mini and other gifts. hugs.....