Thursday, April 09, 2015

Crazy - finishing someone else's UFOs

You will have seen several quilts made by me on this blog for donation to Siblings Together. This is where Mary thinks we are with the approximately 100 quilts needed for this year's camps.

Very Blue Peter circa mid 1970s. Helen offered the group three quilt tops to finish and I rashly said I'd quilt them. When I looked in the cupboard where I store threads and backings, the cupboard seemed very bare. No Ikea Britten left or much else, so I thought. So I listed and measured the quilts I want to finish in April and then took the backings out of the cupboard to do the same.

What a surprise I had more than I thought and I managed to match four out of five quilts up with a suitable backing.
This pretty yellow and blue top by Helen was paired with a traditional cream backing from Treadles.
This Denise Schmidt top was paired with the last of my Carolyn Friedlander bargain wide backing
This fabric is only just wide enough for the top. Backing bought from John Lewis in their 50% off sale last summer. I will have to take a list with me when I go to London, just in case I encounter another sale.

And last by not least, a Quilty Fun top which needs a 1" sashing around the whole quilt and a small border. This is the last of this Ikea fabric and I wished I bought more.

Lynne Goldsworthy offered bindings for the quilts a few weeks ago and posted some choices on Instagram so they should arrive next week.  I will just have tow ait patiently for an online sale of backings as there are no modern backings available locally and I need a backing for my large Moda Building Blocks quilt.


Jo Jo said...

It's so generous for you to do this, Sue. If I see any backings on sae, I will let you know x

the running hare said...

It's very generous indeed, as Jo has said. Fabric, wadding and thread all add up. I was wondering what wadding do you routinely use?