Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a beauty

And these photos don't do it justice, but I finished Sarah's quilt on Friday, which was a lot quicker than I dared hope.

Sarah combined two collections of fabric with a variety of white on whites for the background for a stunning quilt. Perfectly pieced and pressed with no wobbly edges to challenge me.

We decided on "Japanese Clouds" pantograph, a favourite of my clients for when you don't want to overwhelm the piecing. I also used So Fine for the first time and it also allows the piecing to shine.

And this is the pieced back - a masterpiece by itself. I don't know how Sarah can bear to part with this quilt. That's one project off my to do list and it's trimmed and ready for Sarah to bind.


Kaisievic said...

Your quilt is so beautiful. Well done!

Cheryll said...

I just read through your last few posts Sue...and you have some gorgeous quilts on display. Love the quilting you are doing as well.
I dont know where time goes as I just don't seem to visit you enough.