Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making progress

Hooray, the Fast and Fabulous quilt started at Fat Quarterly retreat has been quilted and trimmed. I used some of the remaining jelly roll strips as a border, rather than buy any yardage, I also hoped that it would tone down the red.
 I will admit that I am no longer a polyester snob and am loving the Superior Threads So Fine that Carol recommended that I tried. I'm also loving the prewound bobbins. I realised I had no backing set aside for this quilt so I grabbed the remainder of my Ikea Bitten and it was just wide enough and just long enough. I thought I might regret using it but it all worked out okay.
I think tomorrow I will focus on sewing the bindings to the front of this quilt and the rainbow star quilt. If I can get both bound this week that would be two off my to do list. Progress is slow but steady.


Jane said...

hooray it looks fabulous, you have been mega productive this week! Think the backing and borders looks great.

the running hare said...

So glad the So Fine worked out, the quilt certainly looks fabulous! And it looks as though you'll hit the deadline