Friday, September 26, 2014

Home for the Holidays

Yesterday was busy celebrating Nick's 50th quietly and taking Matthew to the airport to see him off to University. Now how long will it be before I get any sign that he actually arrived in Loughborough? When he runs out of money? When he wants to be collected from the airport in December? I think I'll have to stalk his Facebook page unless he has already unfriended me.

I did manage to get a project for Fat Quarterly magazine quilted yesterday. Here is the small pile of fabrics from Doodlebug's Home for the Holidays line remaining from the project which I'm gifting to Jane to go with the stash she already has. She's using it for a bee quilt and my contribution will add more variety to the mix.

Today, I have the morning to myself before playing canasta this afternoon. I think I'll plan to piece and sew my binding to my magazine project ready to start hand stitching tonight. I also have some flying geese to piece and trim for my Schnibble and my improv block for the Bumbling Honeys Bee for Jo to finish.


Jane said...

I love those Christmas fabrics will go well with my Christmas quilt.

the running hare said...

Congrats to Nick! I suspect you won't hear much from Matthew for some time, if my 2 are anything to go by!