Friday, September 19, 2014

Fabulously fast and finished

Matthew noticed again that he'd already modelled this quilt for me, but now it's bound and finished. Matthew leaves for Uni on 25 September and I finished this a week ahead of that deadline. Phew.

This quilt hasn't quite made it to Matthew's suitcase yet, he's just working on the list of kitchen paraphernalia, which seems like a full set of everything for the kitchen. when I was at college, everything was provided, now it seems nothing is provided an Matthew  is flying. Perhaps we should have taken the car over. A friend of his is also going to Loughborough but by car, so I'm hoping they might add a box of china and saucepans as well as Matthew's saxophone.

Having added two rows of jelly roll strips as a border, I used all of the red strips and one yellow as a binding. what next? Moda Building Blocks or a Christmas quilt for Fat Quarterly? I might cut both and use the building blocks as leaders and enders.


amy smart said...

I LOVE it! Looks so great in the red. Good luck to Matthew at University!

Betty said...

It's beautiful!