Sunday, May 25, 2014

Successful weekend

Yesterday I posted that I wanted to work on the following at our group UFO day today:

  • Aviatrix border 3
  • Wishes block 9 Dove in Window
  • Wishes block 7 Court house Lawn
  • Wishes Bear Paw
  • Wishes Country Road
  • ST 1 Rocky mountain puzzle block
  • Aviatrix Border 4 - sew the strips together
  • Mani pouch
I completed all of the items either yesterday or today. The customer quilt was finished yesterday, trimmed and ready for collection and the second quilt is loaded ready to start on Tuesday. Both Jane and I worked on our Siblings Together blocks today so that they can be posted to Jojo on Tuesday.

My blocks

Jane's blocks

Both lots together.

Tomorrow I think I'll work on the mani pouch and then the rest of the week on my Once Upon a Time cross stitch project which is looking woefully incomplete.


Diane-crewe said...

well done x a successful day then? xx

Jo Jo said...

Love the ST blocks from you both - they are perfect. Thank you :)

Betty said...

Love those blocks: all of them!

QuiltCandy said...

You have been busy. Those blocks look great together. How many ST quilts are you making?