Saturday, May 24, 2014

I have a plan

But I don't promise to keep to my plan. It is a horrible rainy day so perfect for some prepping and sewing. Firstly I will finish quilting this customer quilt, which will then need trimming, billing and photographing. I'll also load the next quilt which is for Leila in Guernsey.
I have made a list and checked it twice of items I want to progress at our UFO day tomorrow:
  • Aviatrix border 3
  • Wishes block 9 Dove in Window
  • Wishes block 7 Court house Lawn
  • Wishes Bear Paw
  • Wishes Country Road
  • ST 1 Rocky mountain puzzle block - I have divided this into  doing the inner square as that's a partial seam
  • ST1 HSTs
  • Aviatrix Border 4 - sew the strips together
  • Mani pouch
The first six items are prepped and as I complete the prep of another block, I'll allow myself a bit of stitching time too. I find prep tedious which is why I'm doing it today
As I've cut each block, I have pinned step one and bagged the rest of the pieces with the instructions.
we are going to see Yolanda Brown - Jazz saxophonist perform at the Jersey Arts Centre tonight and plan to eat out before the performance, so no meal prep either.


Jane said...

you need to prepare to eat cake at the UFO day too! impressive list of projects, I wonder how much will get done!

Jo Jo said...

Blimey! You are very organised! PS) You don't have to do the partial seam for the Rocky Mountain blocks if it's easier. I noticed that the other day and was going to amend the notes on Flickr as it might put some people off :)

Diane-crewe said...

how did the plan go? lol x

Debbie said...

You put me to shame with such organization! I hope that you finished it all. I decided on my Aviatrix to replace my butterflies with simple blocks, and the top is complete. I am thrilled, really! Cheers!