Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring flowers

This quilt was bigger than I expected and I had put it off as none of the seams had been pressed and I didn't fancy tackling it. Eventually I pulled out my bottle of Flatten and went to work. Forty minutes later and it looked much nicer and smelt divine!!  The quilt is hand pieced and you may be able to see that it still had a few wrinkles in places.
Can you see the wrinkles have now gone and I am so pleased with how the quilt looks. I hope my customer is too.
When I came to measure the quilt to prepare the bill, it was almost 80" square. My model told me she'd hold it up as she's taller than I am.
And the back looks pretty good too and is a civil war reproduction print.
I didn't find the time to cut out the pieces of my social tote yesterday as I forgot that I was playing canasta yesterday afternoon. That reminds me I'd better check Matthew's flight times for Friday as I may have to skip canasta (and cake). Phew he's coming back via Guernsey so he arrives back later than the direct flight usually arrives. That also means he doesn't miss any lessons. Only six weeks until he finishes all of his a levels and we go for the Annual General inspection which marks the end of the year.
So social tote cutting and mani pouch sewing are on the list for today along with taking the parents to the airport.


Diane-crewe said...

wow! that's BIG!! hope you get your bag done to-day x

Jane said...

I have your dots. This quilt looks good now. There are a few more on your way it seems after the meeting last night! My Anchors Aweigh will have to wait till I have the backing.