Friday, May 09, 2014

Liberation Day 2014

Today is the 69th anniversary of the liberation of the island from the occupied forces and our second public holiday of the month. This morning I took a break from quilting Jane's beautiful spring fresh quilt to go caching with the other Jane above Beauport. It was very windy but looking down at the bay, where dogs were playing in the water contrasts with 69 years ago when the beach would have been covered with barbed wire to prevent islanders escaping.
After a lovely lunch and cake at the Wayside in St Brelade's Bay I returned home to finish Jane's quilt. It is quilted with the peacock pantograph with Superior Thread in Reed.

It looks great on the back which is a green and cream stripe.

I love the little hearts Jane has appliqued and also the name of the recipient in the bottom border. Those rabbits are so cute. The whole quilt says Spring to me.

Tomorrow amongst other things, I will correct the placement of two diamonds in my aviatrix centre block. Thanks to Pippa for pointing it out. It would have annoyed me even more if someone had pointed it out when my quilt was finished. Now is perfect before I add more borders.


Jo Jo said...

Have you been watching the series 'Our Mothers, Our Fathers' on BBC1 for the last two Saturdays? It concludes tomorrow night, you can catch up on iPlayer I think. Fascinating drama (in German) and shows just how much fear everyone lived under in Nazi occupied lands. Beautiful quilt as well. Jane must have a house full of quilts by now! X

Pippa Parsons said...

Beautiful quilt I love the pantograph. Hope unpicking goes OK.

Diane-crewe said...

a day to celebrate and be truly thankful xx ... and for your quilt as well of course x beautiful x

Debbie said...

This particular quilt is really lovely. One good thing about blogs is that you can see other's choices in fabrics and their combinations. I really like this! And your quilting!! Wonderful.