Thursday, April 17, 2014

New York Beauty - Brit Sewing Thursday linky

Just Sew Sue

Another week has flown by. The good news is my cough seems to be going after a month of discomfort, drugs, nebulizer and Vitamin C. Also my long arm should have come in on last night's boat. I am now stalking the UPS tracking so that I can swoop down and pick it up once it has been logged as arrived. Customs did a quick job of clearing it yesterday so there should be no delays today. Still waiting for my aviatrix fabric to be delivered.

Jane sent me a link to Flickr on Sunday, asking where she might get the pattern for it. Fortunately I identified the block as New York beauty with flying geese and in two clicks of my mouse I'd found it on Craftsy. So what is a girl to do. :)

This morning I inset the centre circle, which won't dominate quite as much once I've appliqued the centre smaller circle. I changed the pattern, and have joined the pieces into a circle so as to eliminate the seams in the centre circles and the background.

So just the circle to be inset into the background and the centre circle to be appliqued

Sometimes when you live in a place like Jersey, you forget how lucky you are. yesterday morning I went geocaching in the Portelet area and I sat down to write a log, looking at this view. Just one dog and owner on the beach. It is a four hundred feet hike back up and my breathing was wheezy to say the least.
What have you been doing? Do link up to the Brit Sewing Thursday linky.


Jo Jo said...

Beautiful NYB Sue! Jersey looks perfect right now and I'm pleased that I'm not the only one with a lingering cough. I have been ill for nearly six weeks now and am SO over it! Hope you feel right again soon :)

handmadeby EvaRose said...

Lovely pictures! I have just recovered from 2 days of sickness and nil by mouth myself. Desperately need some Spring sunshine this weekend to send the germs away. Love the beach photograph, wish I was there!