Tuesday, April 08, 2014

ALYOF April 2014

I have just found the linky party for the A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge and it closes in 43 minutes (now 35 minutes), so you will have to accept my apologies for the poor photo as it's only 7am here. This quilt has been on an off the long arm frame over the last month as my sewing machine engineer attempted, without success, to fix the timing on my Avante.

I had dreams of practising marvellous feathers on this little quilt, but I decided that it needed to be finished so it will have an all over pantograph which will take about two hours. I even fished out a piece of hand dyed Bitten Ikea fabric from the cupboard to use as backing and it picks up the colour of the deepest pink in the flowers. Hopefully my machine will be back in about a week and I can test it on this quilt before loading up Jane's two quilts which she has waited for patiently.


QuiltCandy said...

I love that backing fabric dyed pink, it works perfectly. What a gorgeous quilt. I hope you get your long arm back soon.

Jane said...

still waiting patiently! :)