Tuesday, April 15, 2014


You know I just can't resist a good quilt along and another took my fancy at the weekend. - Aviatrix by Elizabeth Hartman. Elizabeth's solids version is pictured above. The schedule starts today with selecting fabrics. I bought the pattern on Saturday and impatiently waited to hear what the background fabric was, whilst digging out my Kona shade card to match up some prints and plain fabrics from my stash.

I even had an attempt at being organised. I printed out the pattern twice. The first time the printer didn't have enough coloured ink so I attached the black and white copy of the fabric chart to the second copy of the pattern and stuck in a 1" square of each fabric that I chose. You can see that I was pretty successful and have all of the fabrics chosen from my stash cut up. I have then ordered the remainder from The Village Haberdashery and I hope they'll be here by Wednesday. Each colour family will have three printed fabrics and two plains. This was more by chance than design.

With Matthew's help I put together my Ikea trolley which Jenny was kind enough to buy for me in France. I have bagged up each border of Aviatrix in its own labelled bag ready to sew each week. The scraps are also in a separate bag just in case I need them.

And because I find just cutting for hours on end, very boring, I've put together a few blocks. These are for borders 2 and 5. I will finish these once the other fabrics arrive and I will finish the preparation before starting the centre block. 


Betty said...

It's abeautiul quilt and your colours are great too!

Alison said...

It's going to look awesome! I am very tempted to get this pattern for myself!

Hannlib said...

I'm so tempted by this too but resisting so far! Yours is going to be beautiful

Pippa Parsons said...

I was tempted but really don't think I'll keep up with the schedule. What's the name of the trolley please could use one in my sewing room