Wednesday, April 09, 2014

April FQR Bumbling Honeys block

The fabric for Jo's two blocks arrived on Monday morning, and having completed the week's ironing, I decided to make a start. Jo's block is simple but striking and she sent us some lovely fabrics.

I made the mistake of evenly distributing the low volume fabrics between the two blocks, to find after I'd made the centre cross that the border fabric for one block was also in the low volume fabrics.
The blocks were soon pressed and trimmed and are on their way back to Jo. In other news I also received my last bee block back from Liz. even though, it's not on my schedule to do this month, I may lay it out on my design wall and start putting the top together. My long arm has also been delivered back to Birmingham.
I am being very careful about what I work on during the day as Matthew is back for Easter and has lots of studying to do for his A2s. So Monday morning we each wrote down what we wanted to achieve that day. Needless to say these blocks were not on that list!!

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