Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aviatrix Quilt Along week 2 - cutting fabric

This week on the Aviatrix QAL, we are cutting the fabric. I don't know why but I thought we were sewing block 1. A lot is going on this week with son returning to school in England yesterday - flight delayed again and daughter still suffering from headaches as a result of concussion. We had a meeting with her school's headmaster this morning as she starts a month of GCSEs next Thursday and we wanted to ensure that the school do the best to provide any assistance she needs.
I cut most of my fabrics last week, but had been dithering about the grey. Fabric 5 in the greys is a Kona colour called Seafoam. It looked like a green grey in the instructions, but when it arrived it was definitely green, so I had been scratching my head over what to substitute. Decision made, and the fabric is cut. I have stuck a sample of each fabric to a reference chart which I have laminated with my new laminator. I was unbelievably excited about laminating something. The machine and two packs of laminating pouches came to about £20 so I didn't have high expectations, but it worked and I'm delighted.

All of the strips and pieces have been bagged up into numbered pouches. Where the pieces have a bias edge, they will be cut in the relevant week. I will start the centre block at our group all day session tomorrow.
And because the piecing is my favourite part, I may have sewn a few blocks to break up the marathon cutting sessions.

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Jane said...

'I may have sewn a few...' so what was that you were doing on Sunday? lol