Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where's my scheduled post?

I know I wrote a post scheduled for today yesterday. I thought I was os orgnaised. I'd even planned what I was going to work on today. But the post has disappeared. Back to the drawing board. I do know I was going to tell you what I completed yesterday:
1. I quilted the two mini quilts. Not as easy as it sounds as the machine didn't like the seam bulk in a few places.
2. I quilted the Siblings Together quilt - this was much quicker. And it has been trimmed.
3. I trimmed the small flying geese units.

Do you think the mini quilt is finished as it is or does it need a grouping of buttons in the middle to finish it? I'm a less is more person so would call it done at this stage, subject to binding it and adding a hanging sleeve. The binding will be a rainbow stripe if I can put my hands on it. :)

Now the flying geese units are ready to sew together into the final row of the Bee in my Bonnet rowalong row. Then there's the outside border to piece and it's ready to put together.
I even trimmed the quilts ready to sew the binding to the front of the quilts tomorrow. So the plan today is to stitch the bindings and finish the basket weave star. After I've been to Zumba.


moira said...

no buttons, it's beautiful as is.

Annabella said...

Nice to see your trip around the world quilt - I'm just making one now and it too has a lot of pink in it but I went for a more random placment. It's very pretty!

Gertie Pye said...

Yay love the finished ST quilt! Can't believe how quickly you have quilted it. Brilliant work x

Jo Jo said...

The quilt looks so awesome, Sue - I am very impressed with your beautiful quilting :) Love the mini too, less is definitely more! Enjoy Zumba - you have way more energy than me! X