Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sugar block club BOM April

Sugar block club BOM April by libertyjsy
Sugar block club BOM April, a photo by libertyjsy on Flickr.

The sun is shining and perfect for photographing some sewing. Some Lu Summers tape and a fence and I'm away. This is the product of this morning's sewing session - the Sugar Block Club April block. Inspired by someone else's block, I decided to use multiple fabrics for the points which will tie into the other blocks better.

I'm going to do the Gen X block for April next.


QuiltCandy said...

I just love this block. And fab tape too ;-)

Maxine said...

Good job with this block, i am also doing this BOM and faultered on this one trying to get it to work with others. But now i have seen yours i will do the same. Thanks for the idea.