Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy Bee

I am way behind with Lori Holt's row along. However I cut this signature block out of the fabrics I had to hand for my Orbit quilt and sewed it at the same time. All I need to do now is draw on the Bee's antennae and my name and the date. I can then stitch it one evening whilst watching television. It should only take me 30 minutes to stitch.

I'll draw in the stitching lines today, as well as continue to sew my Springtime Sampler and quilt the last of my Christmas mini quilts ready to bind at my Guild on Monday evening. I need to do more of the row along and will probably take that to Caesarea Crafters crop day on Saturday and hope to get at least one row sewn together.

1 comment:

shez said...

wow such a gorgeous block,well done.xx