Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tulips from Jersey

I've had a  busy few days with Matthew going back to school in the UK, canasta games etc. Lizzie is now back at school too, so we can get back to our normal routine. I can't believe how much more food is in the fridge, just because Matthew's been home.

Monday, week three of the Springtime Sampler arrived. No ink for my printer so I've had to view the pattern on my Ipad, which would benefit from a full charge so I don't have to keep stopping and part recharging.

I have also completed one more row of the Bee in Your Bonnet row along, a lovely spring like row of colourful tulips. I've even incorporated some of my newest fabrics from my Orbit quilt in the stems, three leaves and two flowers (numbers 3 and 5 from the left).
Today, I have started cutting some basket blocks for the next row but I will get back to my cross stitch when the Ipad is fully charged. Thursday is a full on day with a visit to the Lifeboat station with WI, a visit to the Classic Herd Dairy with Sirens WI and a geocaching event in the evening with a promise of ice cream!! So I'm not sure when I'll get time to finish the basket row, which I think consists of seven baskets, two of which are already done. It would probably be a good idea to do some cutting when everyone else is asleep tomorrow morning as I'm an early riser. Lorraine has lent me her rotating cutting mat to road test, which may make the cutting more efficient.

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