Friday, January 03, 2014

UFOs and WIPs to work on

I'm not brave enough to list all of my UFOs and WIPs so I'm just going to list five each month that I hope to work on during the month. So my list for January includes:

  • Bee in my Bonnet Row Along
  • Farmer's Wife group quilt which I've promised to take along to the January meeting for members to help hand stitch the binding. So it's not officially my WIP!!
  • Scrappy scrap baskets which I've worked on and completed today, but I can only show you a hint at the moment.
  • London Embroidery
  • Japanese X and Os  which needs to be completed for a blog hop in two weeks time
I think I'll be brave and add one more for which I've made sufficient blocks over the last few days:
  • Sweetwater Scrappy Trip Around the World



Pauline said...

So Sue, does that mean you have at least 30 WIPs and UFOs if you're only post 5 each month? LOL

I'll be interested in how you go using this sleight of hand technique, if it works I might have to try it too!

The Purple Turtle said...


I shoulda taken your lead and not listed everything at once!

Would have been a lot less daunting!

Sarah said...

Very sensible not finding all the UFOs at once. I can't bear to look at all mine either. Your list for January sounds very pretty. Hope you get a good crack at it and we get to see it.