Friday, January 31, 2014

Lucky me

Just returned home from three lovely days in London, with my friend Sharon. I did shop a lot. ;) More about that tomorrow. I came home to my prize from Scott at Blue Nickel Studios of 21 (yes twenty one) fat quarters of grunge fabric in all sorts of useful colours.
Then early this morning I received an e-mail asking if I'd like a jar of homemade lime curd. Would I. :) Lorraine bought a large bag of limes at a local farm shop for £1. A bargain. I also have two magazines on loan to browse.
And the eagle eyed may have spotted the background to today's photo, I have to deliver this to a friend this morning as a surprise gift. If she sees this post, she'll know it's for her so I'd better get there quick.

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Anonymous said...

I was the lucky recipient of the mystery gift. Shaun kindly pointed out that it wasn't office attire but it had its official test run in the kitchen today. Thank you Sue it was a lovely surprise. Michelle x