Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Greetings from the Beach

I won the pattern for Greetings from the Beach from the Frosted Pumpkin for being a runner up in their speedy stitcher contest for the summer sampler. After getting back from holiday, I decided to start it working on some Aida I already had as I thought it would be a quick project to do until I found my sewjo again. Fast forward ten days and it still wasn't finished and I had a call yesterday to tell me the wedding for the hen do I taught about three weeks ago is this Saturday. Eek. I haven't touched the log cabin blocks since the event, so I thought I'd better get finishing the cross stitch ready to put together the table runner today. There were two Kirstie Allsop programmes on last night so I had those on in the background as I stitched and I even stayed up until past 11.
So once showered and dressed I plan to work on the table runner. First I have to locate the work in progress and remind myself how far the hen and friends got and then finish the twelve blocks needed for the runner. Hopefully I'll have progress to report by tomorrow.

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Jo Jo said...

You are a glutton for punishment Sue! How's the head post-accident? XXX