Saturday, August 17, 2013

FNSI August 2013

I had more time on my hands yesterday than planned as it rained on the morning so fence posting had to be postponed until today.  I've just heard one third of the team is helping air cadets today.


I decided to work on my July Simply Solids block yesterday. I printed off the instructions, watched a video and headed to my room. Damn I was in the middle of some applique on this patter by Lenora Jenkins which was an OPAM prize from peg. Now I know I said I wouldn't start it, but I lied. The chain stitch wreath was completed on our cruise and I borrowed a holly die from Lorraine to cut the holly leaves rather than do them by hand. So yesterday I finished machine blanket stitching the leaves down. Next I need to do the house which should be straight forward once I've resolved my dilemma over the scalloped edge to the roof. As I am doing machine applique with Bondaweb, I can't use ric rac as it would show up under the roof so I'm looking for either a scalloped ribbon or a narrow white lace.

I also decided to start stitching the frames for the Autumn Sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin. Although the Halloween Sampler starts first, the borders are much more intricate so I thought I'd do this simpler framework first and I have seven done already. they may not be complete but doing the first half stitch eliminates any miscounting so the second half stitch is much quicker.
Time to get ready for painting the fence.


Leanne said...

Your project is looking very pretty, I can't wait to see it all finished.

Lyn said...

A lovely project in progress..counting threads is not always as easy as it seems but you have done a lot there

Wendy B said...

two gorgeous starts......they will look absolutely beautiful when you they're finished! xox sugary hugs