Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sewing kits

I was reading about the sewing kits Pat Sloan keeps to go travelling with etc. I have a completely different approach and add supplies to my project to travel or go to class. Here are the two kits I took to Spain.

The first is a hexagon block ready to hand piece with the bare essentials of the pieces ready prepared, a needle and thimble in a tin. This then goes in the plastic bag with the lock and thread. The nail scissors don't go on the plane with me.

The second kit is some embroidery. The hoop, pattern (not shown), thread and thimble go in the embroidered pouch with threads cut ready to use and the embroidery goes in a separate bag to keep it clean.

Of course when we take the car to France I pack my sewing machine and tools together with a project or two to work on!

I have just downloaded Blogpress to blog when I'm away from home. I wonder if this will wor.

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