Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I blame Wendy

At the Gogogetaway Wendy showed me all of her prepared pieces for some Star Rose blocks and laid a few out on her small cropping space. I could instantly see the appeal. Wendy shared the website address of summer fete and I was keen to start some on my return.

If I could use some of the techniques employed in the Vignette hexagon blocks along with an Accuquilt die, the pieces would be ready in no time at all. However the die I borrowed had been misshapen either by the wrong machine or too many layers of fabric. Never mind, having decided to only make two blocks and make them into a bag, I ploughed ahead and printed off some shapes from http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/hexagonal/ onto freezer paper. The next job was to cut them into the smaller shapes and choose some fabric.

I got lucky and Lizzie offered to cook chicken fajitas for dinner, so I got out my Sewline glue pen and tacked down the edges. This is how far I got. I now need to find a thimble so I can sew some pieces together.

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