Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday finishes

A few easy finishes for a Monday morning. All I needed to do for this scarf which is very chunky was sew the ends in. Easier said than done when the wool is so thick.

Whilst looking in Linnea of Sweden for fabrics, Lizzie and I saw a canvas with coloured mother of pearl buttons spelling out the word love for £55. I had two canvasses from an unsuccessful class so they were painted red and cream buttons stuck on in a heart shape. I have then sewn them on as I like the look and the buttons won't fall off. This is for the Beaulieu Craft stall at the summer fete. How much do you they should ask?

And last but not least, a gorgeous scarf from wool sent to me my Claire as a get well pressie. Just my colours. The weather might be a bit warm to wear it today unfortunately. This only took two hours to knit and I finished it off this morning with the last few rows and sewing in the ends.

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