Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Eisteddfod

On Friday I visited the Eisteddfod exhibition to see how my entries had fared. This is a walk through of some of the entries.

The prize winners including Astra's Makower butterfly. A worthy winner but Jane would like to know what the tune on the edge played as.

Sue Jones beautiful Hawaiian quilt on the left with lots of hand quilting.

My "Behind the rainbow" quilt from the Jan Krentz workshop which got a platinum. I'll be interested to see the points awarded as platinum is 95 and over.

Janet Grady's Jan Krentz quilt - I call this one the difficult class. Mine is still in pieces as I haven't done the paper piecing. However all my diamonds have been sewn and blocked.

My black white and red quilt got a silver and my topiary tapestry cushion a silver, not surprised with the later as there was a mark on it.

Ella's quilt which won Astra's 20 anniversary challenge.

Alex's four seasons embroidery. Alex has definitely found her voice in embroidery. She has always preferred hand work to machine work.

A scarf which was awarded gold. Pretty but as I've made one of these in two hours I know how easy they are.

The Caesarea Quilters quilt for Trees for Life and a lovely chicken quilt (of which there were two very different versions).

Cath Challinor's lovely Japanese quilt which wasn't given a high enough award IMHO.

Sarah Matlock's cute doll.

Judy Bailey's Jan Krentz quilt. Very different colours and quilting to my version.

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