Wednesday, October 18, 2017

12 days of Christmas sampler

I'm getting excited to see this sampler finished. I have now finished seven blocks out of 12 and the border is also complete. I should have it finished for Christmas 2017.

I did take this project on holiday to Spain with me, however we went sightseeing for eight or nine hours a day and by the time we got back to the hotels, we were ready for bed. I started block 12 after finishing the border and had most of the hat done. So I worked on this one on Monday.

Block six was also almost complete and I only really had the nest and some details to finish. Now I have finished one block for last week and one for this week, it is being put in storage and I am going to work on the once upon a time sampler block for October next.

Working on one project at a time at the moment and being focused on finishing one item is working for me. It may seem strange to put this sampler away after finishing just two blocks, however I prefer to do a small piece at a time and not get bored with the project I am working on. I am stitching the sampler one block per week and by my calculation I should be finished by the end of November which gives me time to have it framed for Christmas.

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