Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ALYOF thimble berries quilt for project Linus

After several years as a UFO, this Thimbleberries scrap quilt has been finished and is ready for donation to Project Linus. You can see that even the backing is pieced from miscellaneous Thimbleberries scraps.

The quilt was already half quilted and unfortunately, half trimmed, but I unpicked a few bits and then practised some techniques from the Angela Walter's class I took in August. I didn't find that my machine moved very smoothly but the Longarm Facebook group recommended moving the brackets holding the pols and then took the weight of the poles off the machine. Matthew moved them for me whilst I was away for a few days.
The quilt has been washed to remove most of the felt pen markings and is now ready for donation. My machine was delivered by my husband to the Cotton Patch on Saturday as he headed to his parents from Loughborough Uni where he had dropped off Matthew for his second year of Mechanical engineering. I heard yesterday whilst in Manchester Airport (long story) that the machine had been serviced and UPS have it on their van ready to deliver to Nick at his parents' home today, thereby saving me about £150 of shipping to and from the UK.
 Now to decide what to chose for my October goal. I think it will be my Farm Girl Vintage or possibly not.

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Edith said...

A lovely quilt, I really like the back, congratulation on a nice finish.