Thursday, February 05, 2015

Making progress

Aviatrix I already off the frame with no ends to sew in. Hooray. It has been trimmed and the edge zig zagged ready for binding. I ordered my binding from Simply Solids yesterday and I'm told that Jett has parcelled up my order ready to take to the Post office yesterday evening. Although the postman has been, I can always hope that it's coming in the parcel van.

Tomorrow I am helping the Jersey Eisteddfod needlework section take in some of the 500 entry forms and write up the cards for attaching to entries. I usually take some binding to hand stitch down, but despite having two projects needing binding, I think I will be going empty handed. I will however walk down this year as I made the mistake of parking in a short term car park last year and it cost me £12 for six hours. Lesson learnt.

I think I'll work on Carol's bee blocks next as that is my last set of bee blocks for February to do.

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