Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ruby Tuesday

In an effort to complete the 5 day juice detox, yesterday being day 2, I downed the pretty looking Ruby Tuesday juice, whose main constituent was raw beetroot. It was very colourful but made me feel ill for the rest of the day. However today's berry juice has got me back on the plan. I even went without one of Astra's delicious Eccles cake at Chez Soi this morning. I purchased a few for Lizzie though and they are locked in the boot of my car, out of harm's way.

Before going to my patchwork group this morning I finished one more row of quilting on my Thimbleberries quilt. This feathered star is the centre of the quilt, so I'm just about half way to being finished. If I get one row done each day, it'll be ready to bind at next week's meeting. The binding is cut but waiting to be pieced and pressed. A job for tomorrow.

This is also the time of year when thoughts of the Jersey Eisteddfod needlework section is in my mind. So whilst my machine worked it's magic,  I wrote a short list of what I might enter this year.  I have six items to enter, not all finished and these cushions are two of the items. I filled in the forms ready to take this morning, chuffed to be ahead and promptly left the forms next to my computer. Never mind, at least I have a plan.
My small project to complete this month is my Christmas bunting and that's what I took with me to my group to work on this morning. I'd like to say that it now looks better than the holy mess above, but it needs lots of ends to be sewn in ad the letter squares to be blocked. I can report that I just now need to cast off the binding so some progress has been made.

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