Monday, January 19, 2015

Moda Building Blocks Monday

Moda Modern Building Blocks Sewalong
The Christmas holidays are just a distant memory, so it's now time to return to projects in progress. One of those is the Moda Building Blocks quilt.

I started working on Section A and this is block 42. I love the churn dash block.
Which is probably why I deviated from the plan and did a similar block which is block 48 using a Basic Grey dotty.
A slightly more complicated block with an economy block centre. A couple of blocks are based on an economy block, which is why I drafted up a foundation pattern for the block, after I'd finished this one.
So to complete section A, I just need complete two more blocks - 10 and 20 (which is in progress).

I've turned around block 17 as the writing is then horizontal. Come back in four weeks time to share your February progress.

And what progress are you making with your blocks?

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