Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final finish of 2013

I hope everyone enjoys their New Year's Eve celebrations. I have just finished Pippa and can now put on some fancy nail polish and head out to party.

Having gone through the process of writing down all of my UFOs and WIPs over the last week, I thought a sheet of 21 labels would be enough to number and label them all. Excluding three group projects, I think I'm heading towards 30. At least I can now cross one off my list and have now started working on my Sweetwater TATW quilt which I forgot off my original list. I am also sewing up some Bee blocks at the same time, though once the New Year celebrations are over, I need to get a client quilt finished to deliver to Guernsey on 5 January. I have enjoyed just sewing for myself over the last 10 days. Once the client quilt is delivered, it's then time to focus on finishing quilts for the local Eisteddfod including the group Farmer's Wife quilt and my own Bee in my Bonnet row along.

I love the foxy fox with her long eyelashes. I just wished I'd added in a bit of variety in the fabrics as there are only 18 different fabrics in the range and the bottom of the quilt looks a bit pink / red heavy. I followed the pattern and quilted the whole quilt apart from inside the embroidery in almost straight lines 1/2 inch apart. I used a scrap of wadding from my cupboard along with some pink Ikea fabric with small red polka dots for backing which goes really well with the quilt and at £5 a metre, it is a bargain.
I have even started sorting my scraps by colour and the few scraps left from Pippa are already sorted into the respective bags. The pattern is ready to be passed to a friend along with another small pressie in the New Year.

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