Saturday, October 26, 2013

Siblings Together Bee 2

Siblings together bee 2

Céline provided a coloured drawing and instructions for this block which she designed on her blog. I hadn't realised she'd posted instructions until I saw the thread today and she confirmed receipt of someone's block. Oops. I dug out my box of 2.5" strips from the FQR scrap strip swap, added in some Sweetwater reds from my Sweetwater basket and I was ready to sew.
I have two other October bee blocks to sew tomorrow. One is a foundation pieced block x 3 for the Simply Solids block. I have avoided this one as it is not obvious how to use the pre-cut pieces. The other block is for Carol for the FQR quilt bee which is to be a foundation pieced feather designed by Shape Moth and a low volume filler block. Both should get done at the Caesarea Quilters UFO day tomorrow as I won't have any other distractions.

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