Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Thank you to Betty for her unswerving confidence that not only would I be unable to resist starting the bunting (correct) but that I can finish it in one week (LOL). I might have made one more bunting square on Sunday had the electricity not gone off ten minutes before the end of Downton Abbey. Talk about bad timing.
Yesterday I managed to complete one square of week 4 of The Frosted Pumpkin's autumn sampler. It was a busy day with a literary luncheon which took three hours of the day. We were invited onto top table with Lucinda Lambton who talked about lavatories!! The a music lesson but no shape and polish for me as I'd cancelled this week's appointment instead of next week's. Blame my age. Then I was the speaker at St Martin's WI in the evening. I was very nervous but it seemed to go down well.
Today is a whirl of Zumba and picking up a freezer full of meat from town. I'll also take my Halloween cross stitch to be framed and I need to do some banking. Oh dear, I also need to finish our WI accounts for the auditor tomorrow, I guess there'll be no sewing until this evening at the earliest.

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QuiltCandy said...

The knitted bunting is coming along nicely, and what a shame you missed the end of Downton! Love the Halloween Cross stitch too. The lunch was lovely wasn't it. The talk very interesting. If I'd have known you were there I would have stopped by for a chat!