Monday, July 23, 2012

Nails - a new obsession

I recently came across a British nail blog - Nailasaurus on Kristina Werner's Blog. What I like about nailasaurus is that she uses products available on the Uk High Street - of course many are not available in Jersey as we don't have Superdrug, H&M etc. However whilst in town on Saturday we spotted a salon that stocks OPI near to Bean around the Wolrd.

I digress, through Nailasaurus' British Blog list, I came across Cutetickle Nails. There is a fabulous giveaway on the blog for some lovely goodies. As a newbie to nail art, I don't recognise all of the brands so I would love to win and try them out. Looking at the list of prizes and the following photo from the blog, I realise that all of the items pictured are in the prize. I like the look of the Boho set.

I may have ordered a few polishes this week from QVC who had a Nails Inc TSV, A England who had 50% off and Ebay - to get the Technic Carnival. I blame Nic for sharing a photo of the carnival glitter polish on Facebook.

Seal on the right

And what do the random photos of sea life have to do with nails? We went on a rib trip to the Ecrehos yesterday and I took the photos. On our way back the lady next to me asked me about my nails. I was so chuffed.

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Tee Dee said...

Thank you for the mention and good luck :-)