Monday, December 19, 2011

UFOs and WIPs to finish in 2012

I need to find the challenge that inspired this post as they choose a number between 1 and 12 and you work on that project during the month. I start each year with good intentions to finish my UFOs but 2011 was definitely a fail in that for the most part the same quilts are on the list unfinished and the list has grown longer. And all of this despite buying my long arm machine. In no particular order and I reserve the right to add to the list:

1. Jan Krentz difficult quilt - Summer salsa lone star. This is going to be a challenge to remember all the tips Jan gave us and I have a horrible feeling I might have used up some of the fabrics I used.
2. blue and cream stars. Quilting needs unpicking as there was a pleat in the backing and put it on the long arm
3. rainbow squares - in process of quilting being unpicked
4. 2 from 1 - started yesterday
5. Disappearing nine patch
6. TB BOM - almost finished quilting when my machine developed problems
7. Modern V meets Thimbleberries scraps
8. Vignette
9. Elephantz
10. Flurry sew a long star blocks from Moose on the Porch Waiting for some more Flurry fabric in my Christmas stocking.
11. FWQS
12. I'll add my cowl in here as progress has slowed
13. Just remembered - love laugh live stitchery
14. Oh and the hugs cushion
15. accuquilt sample for class next month which I need to start today.

I will add some photos in the next 15 days so that I can remember what the projects are!! And no doubt find a few more to add to the list. A photo for the first project by Jan Krentz is pictured above.

16. In anticipation of not getting to it this week Stitchery Christmas table runner.

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