Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two FNSIs in December

Handmade by Heidi

What a nice gift, two Friday Night Sew Ins for December. I couldn't participate last Friday as we were in Nottingham visiting Welbeck DSFC, but apart from being Matthew's taxi, I'm free this Friday.

I have started a list of what needs to be accomplished for Monday first (our quilt guild Christmas party) and then for Christmas. I'm having an at home day today so after writing my Christmas cards, I'll make a start on the list:

1. Sarah's quilt to be machine quilted;
2. Liz's quilt to be machine quilted;
3. Machine applique sample for January workshop to show at CQ;
4. Disappearing nine patch sample for January workshop to show at CQ;
5. heart block (number 1 priority)
6. Gift for Fiona which is half bound
7. gift for Lizzie which is planned but that's about it;
8. Table runner - blocks completed and now need to be set together and quilted; and
9. Tree skirt - pattern and backing fabric purchased yesterday

Hopefully I can do at least items 2 and 5 today. If not I'm in trouble and should start panicing now.

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