Saturday, December 17, 2011

A good FNSI

I finished Sarah's quilt yesterday and it was getting dark when I was ready to take a photo.

That freed me up to tackle another item from my to do list for my FNSI so I decided to choose a quick make. I had cut several of the pieces out for Lizzie's present so it didn't take long to put this together. I just need to slip stitch the edge closed and buy some velcro for the fastening. The instructions for this can be found at Fresh Lemons Quilt

Unfortunately whilst browsing the internet I've found a couple of other items I want to make:

Circle ear bud pouches from

Christmas present blocks from united notions for a guild Christmas activity for next year.

So my to do list now looks like this with Monday's deadline for two items looming large:
3. Machine applique sample for January workshop to show at CQ;
4. Disappearing nine patch sample for January workshop to show at CQ;
8. Table runner - blocks completed and now need to be set together and quilted; and
9. Tree skirt - pattern and backing fabric purchased yesterday

I have decided for the samples for CQ, I'm going to do an applique border for the disappearing nine patch sample and combine two samples into one.

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