Thursday, February 03, 2011

OPAM February one done

I found this baby quilt in pinks and turquoises in my cupboard. I posted a boy version about six months ago, but the idea of this one was to demonstrate a piped binding. I decided instead to just finish it and all it needed was the binding so it was a relatively quick job and one I could do at Chez Soi on a Wednesday morning or sat in front of the TV.

The quilt is made up of squares of fabrics cut from all the fabrics I could find in my pink / turquoise / green colour theme arranged into alternate rows of pinks and greens with a simple border of fabric I had hand dyed for a backing and this was the left over piece.

I now need to go into town and pick up the keys for WI tonight and then do my LOAD layout for today. I think I really need to start the A to Z album otherwise it will sit in my cupboard unfinished for another five years.


Sheena said...

Beautiful quilt Sue x

This is on my "to learn " list for this year.

Lorraine said...

Not seen this one it is gorgeous love the colours. It must be a show and tell for Monday !!